Zambian Immersion Project

Every two years, a group of St. Fintan’s High School students, travel to Kabwe, Zambia to work on projects including building and maintenance work.
As a result of these trips, we have seen a full primary school called Sables, developed over the past 5 years. We also get to interact with the fantastic children and teachers in the school. Many of these children are orphans and have lived on the street for long periods before they begin attending Sables. Once in Sables, they have access to daily education, food and safety in a fun and challenging environment.
The work carried out in Sables is incredible and your donations help this work to continue and allow these vulnerable children a chance at a better life. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2021 trip to Zambia has been cancelled. As a result, all of the fundraising normally held by our students cannot take place. Instead of the traditional fundraising for the St. Fintan’s High School Zambian Immersion Project, we have decided to raise money by organising a Sutton to Kabwe 10km Challenge. This fundraiser will give us the chance to try to raise some much needed funds for Sables school which is based in Kabwe.
How to donate: The following link will direct you to St. Fintan’s High School Zambian Immersion Project on GoFundMe.
All donations are greatly appreciated and will help make a big difference to the lives of the children attending Sables. Many thanks for your support.