Individual Sports

At the heart of each PE class

There are a number of solo sports here at St. Fintan’s High School that help compliment our team sports to create a strong sporting community within the school. These solo sports cater mostly to athletes who compete in these disciplines outside of school and gives them an opportunity to represent the school in their chosen…

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Field Sports

Our school provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in team sports. There are 7 main team sports which include – Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Spikeball and Frisbee. Within these 7 team sports we field 22 teams which allows a huge number of students to benefit from the positive aspects…

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Sports Review 2017/2018

Hurling Our hurling teams competed in the top divisions once again this season at all levels showing level of quality amongst our students. Our U14’s had a good campaign and competed in the Leinster A competition. This experience will stand to them for the future. Our U16’s had a mixed campaign in terms of results…

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