Arts Week and Neurodivergence Event!

It's a busy week here in St. Fintan's High School as we celebrate the Arts with events planned every day and our Neurodivergence Event which will include talks on Friday from 'As I Am' which will discuss Autism and the differences of the Autistic brain. Our Arts theme this year is Celebrating Individual Skills and Talents. We are asking all students to consider 'What Makes Me Unique' and to celebrate all of our individual talents and skills.

Our programme this year includes a drumming workshop for 2nd and 5th Years. A cookery workshop for 2nd Years and a drawing event for 1st Years.

The cafe will be a creative hub at lunchtimes this week with art activities and music. We will be showcasing a gallery of artwork throughout the corridors during the week. We have a fabulous Sensory Room set up all week for students too. Here's to an enjoyable few days celebrating all the unique talent throughout our school!