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June 15th, 2017

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Students and Teachers in  Zambia

and daily updates: click here

Zambia Immersion Project

for more details on the background to the project and who to contact,
see below

Have you got what it takes to beat THE KUBE?

When?  – Saturday, 6th May

Where? –  School Hall

Who?  –   Teachers and students

On Sat May 6th the teachers and students going to Zambia are hosting our biggest fundraiser yet – THE KUBE.

The event will take place in the hall in the evening time and will hopefully raise much needed funds for the Zambian kids who we will be visiting in Kabwe, Zambia this June.

On the night 36 contestants will compete against each other, in heats, that challenge Mental and Physical Ability as well as Intelligence and Responsiveness.

6 winners will go through to the final – one of whom will be crowned champion!

 Tickets for the event will be on sale, in school,  over the next few weeks and we would appreciate as much support as possible.


Backgound and details for this Summer trip to Zambia

This  June, seven teachers and fifteen students from the school will be travelling to Kabwe in Zambia for two weeks.

Kabwe is a small town situated 2 hours north of Lusaka – the capital city of Zambia.

Since 2013 St. Fintan’s HS has been involved with a p artner school called Sables.
Sables was set up to educate disadvantaged kids in the area and around 60 kids attend the school daily. Most of the kids come from Makalulu – one of the biggest slums in Africa which is located nearby. A lot of the kids live in basic huts with very little food and clothes. Quite often one or both of their parents are sick and unable to provide for them. Sables acts as a source of hope for these children and gives them the opportunity of having a positive future. We have fundraised for two years for this trip and hope to raise as much money as possible to help the school continue to be a positive part of the children’s lives.

If you would Like more information on the event or on our Zambian Immersion Project please contact Mr Greg Bennett on:

+353-(0) 871 943 519


June 5th, 2017

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Please check here  to access the Exchange Blog with daily updates.

On 31 January 2017, we welcomed 25 students and their teachers Mme Cosmano and Mr Charlet from Lyon. Daily updates at:

On 27th January 2016, we welcomed 25 students from Lyon.
For daily updates, link to our exchange  partner  school in Lyon at: Lycée de la Côtière. Our 2014-2015 Blog is  at:



from left to right and bottom to top:  Cécile Ey,  Louison Duperray,  Amandine Trotot,  Justine Vallas, Garance Escalier, Claire Perrin, Sophie Audrieu, Selma Karademir, Siegrid Zanetton, Mélissa Roux, Lison Vial, Margot Bony, Thomas Boissin, Solène Messager, Maxime Pernot, Zoé Menot, Vivian Josserand, Julien Dyen, Maxime Cosialls, Lola Armoudian, Audrick Mercier, Amandine Lambert, Camille Pernelet, Luz Diez De Los Rios and Paul Vernay.


Aidan and Amandine

daniel_margo dan_claire brian_louison andrew_thomas aidan_amadine


June 3rd, 2017

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Well done to the green schools committee and the entire school community for achieving the International Green Schools Flag for Energy.

Ms. Houlihan, Ben Runswick and Jason Green accepted the award on Wednesday 24th May 2017

Green School Committee

Jason Green (1st Year), Ben Runswick (2nd Year ), TonyO’Connor (3rd Year), Modestas Urbonas (4th Year), Chris Reynolds (4th Year), Dylan Jeffers (4th Year), Scot Atkins (4th Year), Michael Runswick (4th Year), Paul McQuillan (4th Year), Evan O’Dowd (4th Year), Hugh Dooley (4th Year), Willow O’Cinneide-Ginnell (4th Year) Jack Fagan (5th yYar), Taylor Morgan (6th Year), Ms. Houlihan (Co-ordinatator, Des Moore (Caretaker), Ms Mary Fox (Principal).

Green Schools Global Action Plan

Mr Padraig Creedon,  Education Officer with Global Action Plan (a charitable organisation that supports schools, communities and businesses to take practical, environmental action to live and work as sustainably as possible) presented workshops to our First-Year students on Friday 3rd of March 2017. These workshops were fully funded by Fingal County Council and LA21. Students enjoyed interactive games and activities while learning about energy consumption, disadvantages of using fossil fuels, and how human activities are warming up the planet.

Green-Schools is known internationally as Eco-Schools. It is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme to promote and acknowledge long-term, whole school action for the environment.

June 1st, 2017

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Young Social Innovators

Social Innovation Recognition Awards for Schools

This year our school project  ‘All about Maria’  has been “Highly Commended” in  the  Young Social Innovator Project (YSI), in the Young Social Innovators Action Programme (Senior).

YSI provides prestigious Awards to secondary schools taking part in its social innovation programmes.

These awards recognise the resilience and commitment of young people, staff and management to social innovation education and to building a fairer, inclusive and more equal world.


Report by Michael Runswick (Tranistion Year)

We started our Young Social Innovator project about 3 months ago during a Biology class. We were thinking of a topic to choose for our Biology module. We choose the topic of drugs.

Mr. Sam asked our class if we wanted to combine our Biology module with the Young Social Innovator project and most of the class decided to take part in the project. We then kicked off the project by creating a website called ‘All About Maria’.

We then added information to the website about drugs and other topics related to the broad area of drugs. Most of the students  in the project wrote pieces about different types of drugs. For example Weed, Heroin, Ketamine and Flakka.

We sent the write-ups to Eoin Dickson who designed and looked after the project website.

Next, we had to start on our YSI group report which was  mainly written by Hugh Dooley, Michael Runswick, Luke Armstrong, Darragh Broders and Daniel Kane.

Once we had finished that it was time to get ready for our big presentation in front of the judges. To prepare we had many practices and rehearsals and the end result was a confident performance. We are currently waiting for feedback about our placing in the competition and we are excited to hear our result.

You can visit our website at:

May 20th, 2017

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Micheal Slattery

 Leinsters in Santry (17th May)

Gold Medal Junior 100m Sprint

 Silver Medal Junior Long jump
Junior Relay- 3rd place

May 19th, 2017

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 Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our school was awarded ‘Best Set‘ at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre Awards on 17th May, 2017.

Winner “Best Set”




May 17th, 2017

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The official podcast of St. Fintan’s High School

Featuring interviews with various students and teachers regarding the numerous activities and sporting achievements in the school this year.

To listen to our school podcast click here


May 16th, 2017

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Outgoing Prefects 2016-2017


May 16th, 2017

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May 15th, 2017

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