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Young Social Innovators

Social Innovation Recognition Awards for Schools

This year our school project  ‘All about Maria’  has been “Highly Commended” in  the  Young Social Innovator Project (YSI), in the Young Social Innovators Action Programme (Senior).

YSI provides prestigious Awards to secondary schools taking part in its social innovation programmes.

These awards recognise the resilience and commitment of young people, staff and management to social innovation education and to building a fairer, inclusive and more equal world.


Report by Michael Runswick (Tranistion Year)

We started our Young Social Innovator project about 3 months ago during a Biology class. We were thinking of a topic to choose for our Biology module. We choose the topic of drugs.

Mr. Sam asked our class if we wanted to combine our Biology module with the Young Social Innovator project and most of the class decided to take part in the project. We then kicked off the project by creating a website called ‘All About Maria’.

We then added information to the website about drugs and other topics related to the broad area of drugs. Most of the students  in the project wrote pieces about different types of drugs. For example Weed, Heroin, Ketamine and Flakka.

We sent the write-ups to Eoin Dickson who designed and looked after the project website.

Next, we had to start on our YSI group report which was  mainly written by Hugh Dooley, Michael Runswick, Luke Armstrong, Darragh Broders and Daniel Kane.

Once we had finished that it was time to get ready for our big presentation in front of the judges. To prepare we had many practices and rehearsals and the end result was a confident performance. We are currently waiting for feedback about our placing in the competition and we are excited to hear our result.

You can visit our website at:

June 28th, 2017

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