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Zambia Immersion Project

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Have you got what it takes to beat THE KUBE?

When?  – Saturday, 6th May

Where? –  School Hall

Who?  –   Teachers and students

On Sat May 6th the teachers and students going to Zambia are hosting our biggest fundraiser yet – THE KUBE.

The event will take place in the hall in the evening time and will hopefully raise much needed funds for the Zambian kids who we will be visiting in Kabwe, Zambia this June.

On the night 36 contestants will compete against each other, in heats, that challenge Mental and Physical Ability as well as Intelligence and Responsiveness.

6 winners will go through to the final – one of whom will be crowned champion!

 Tickets for the event will be on sale, in school,  over the next few weeks and we would appreciate as much support as possible.


Backgound and details for this Summer trip to Zambia

This  June, seven teachers and fifteen students from the school will be travelling to Kabwe in Zambia for two weeks.

Kabwe is a small town situated 2 hours north of Lusaka – the capital city of Zambia.

Since 2013 St. Fintan’s HS has been involved with a p artner school called Sables.
Sables was set up to educate disadvantaged kids in the area and around 60 kids attend the school daily. Most of the kids come from Makalulu – one of the biggest slums in Africa which is located nearby. A lot of the kids live in basic huts with very little food and clothes. Quite often one or both of their parents are sick and unable to provide for them. Sables acts as a source of hope for these children and gives them the opportunity of having a positive future. We have fundraised for two years for this trip and hope to raise as much money as possible to help the school continue to be a positive part of the children’s lives.

If you would Like more information on the event or on our Zambian Immersion Project please contact Mr Greg Bennett on:

+353-(0) 871 943 519


June 29th, 2017

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