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Our First Year Science

Science so far this year has been great. As we didn’t do as much Science in Primary School, it was a whole new experience from the labs and experimenting to learning about all these new scientific facts.

One of the very first things we learned about was working as a Scientist and conducting experiments. Firstly, we  learned first about finding the problem then a question, then the hypothesis.

A hypothesis is how you’re going to fix the problem and answer the question. You then conduct your experiment and if it works, do it again, if not you change something in the experiment. We learned about collecting data which is important for research on an experiment.

The next subject we moved on to was Biology and studying cells and life. The 7 signs of a living thing we learned are Excretion, Growth, Movement, Nutrition, Reproduction, Respiration and Response. We also studied cells under a microscope and the difference between animal and plant cells. The rest of the biology section was testing for different levels of starch, sugar and carbohydrates in foods.

We then started learning about the States of Matter. The Science book taught us there are only 3 three states of matter, gas, liquid and solid.   We found, however,  there are in fact between 4-7 states. We also learned about the changes in state. We found that often Science books lie or hide information.

As we were discussing it in class we found that we wanted to express our feelings on what we were learning in Science in some way.

Thanks to Colm Murphy, he created a website which we now continually post updates on what we are learning.


You can visit the website at:

Another topic we discussed was the SI units of Measurements and measuring Physical Objects. All this was happening before Christmas in just one term as well!

When we returned from holidays,  we started on Atoms and learning how they make up the fabric of everything we know. We also briefly learned about Quantum Physics and how, although it seems completely out of this world, scientists have managed to teleport subatomic particles. Although this wasn’t on the curriculum it really intrigued us all and reminded us of the wonders of science.

Another quite different thing we do in our class is every time we meet, Mikey O’Boyle will have found an interesting fact on what we are studying at that moment and present it to the class. We have even gone into filming this and uploading several videos to YouTube. We have our own YouTube channel now. You can find a link to it on our website.

As our next topic was Space Ms O’Hare and all the 1st year science teachers arranged for us to visit W5 in Belfast and have a space travel workshop. It was a great day and really led us well into what we are currently on which is space.

Everybody in 1st year is divided into groups and are currently making projects on Space. In our class we have groups designing apps, creating websites, making animations and more. We also have received  help from Matthew O’Reilly who explained coding, something very few of us understood before.

We also did many PowerPoint presentations and took the role of the Teacher in the class explaining what we researched. You can find all the presentations on our website.

Overall it has been a great year of learning and credit has to go to my teacher Mr Sam and all the 1st year teachers  who help us learn and educate us. One aspect which my fellow class mates and I have found enjoyable is the debates in our class which makes us think in a way of questioning everything so as to broaden our knowledge, as is the ‘science way’.

April 25th, 2017

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