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  • Winner 'Best Set' - Bord Gáis Energy- Student Theatre Awards 2017
    Winner 'Best Set' - Bord Gáis Energy- Student Theatre Awards 2017
    School production of Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Winner - Judges Choice Award -Bord Gais Student Awards
    Winner - Judges Choice Award -Bord Gais Student Awards
  • Leinster Senior Cup 2017
    Leinster Senior Cup 2017
  • French Exchange 2017 - 2018
    French Exchange 2017 - 2018
  • Poetry Slam
    Poetry Slam
  • School Ski Trip
    School Ski Trip
  • Midsummer Night's Dream
    Midsummer Night's Dream
  •  French Exchange 2016-2017
    French Exchange 2016-2017
  •  Zambian Immersion Project
    Zambian Immersion Project
Mary Fox, Principal

Mary Fox, Principal

Gerry Ennis, Deputy Prinicipal

Gerry Ennis, Deputy Principal

On 8th September 1943, St. Fintan’s High School opened its doors for the first time to a student enrolment of 48 boys and a teaching staff of 5 Christian Brothers. In those days St. Fintan’s High School was a fee paying preparatory and secondary school, with fees ranging from 6 to 12 guineas, depending on the standard of the pupil! Its location on the Burrow Road ensured that the students of the time forever associated their school days with the sun, the seascape and the freedom of the beach.

In September 1972, and following various transformations, St. Fintan’s High School commenced life as a secondary school on its new site overlooking Dublin Bay where it remains to this present day. Now catering for a student population of 703 and with over 50 teachers it is, in many ways, almost unrecognisable from its early days.

However the traditions and core values of St. Fintan’s High School are not too far removed from those that prevailed during the ‘Burrow Days’. Now under the Trusteeship of ERST, the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, St. Fintan’s High School aspires to promote full personal and social development in a caring, Christian community.

Teaching and learning take pride of place in our school curriculum and St. Fintan’s High School is proud of its strong academic tradition. A strong emphasis on sport has equally been a hallmark of education in St. Fintan’s High School and with 12 competitive sports the school has earned a reputation as one of the leading boys’ secondary schools in Dublin in this area. Excellence in music and the arts is also strongly encouraged and promoted thereby providing a broad curriculum which caters for the many needs of our diverse student population.

St. Fintan’s High School holds dear all that is valuable and unique in each student and seeks to support all our boys as they prepare to find their place in the world where they can lead fulfilling, rewarding and happy lives.

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